Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hesitant progress is being made

I'm plugging along on A Thousand Miles of Wind, and it's going quite well. I am behind on my planned schedule, because of family trouble and a persistent and quite incapacitating neck-ache that strikes me at odd intervals - and since I much prefer a whole neck to a whole finished project, I've been forced to slow down.

But I'm not defeated yet!

Here's the first inked page of the comic - it's been scanned in two pieces, because it's drawn in A3-size and I only have an A4 scanner, so there's a strange break right in the middle of the image, right across the stairs, but ignore that part; when I scan this for real, it'll be on my school's A3-scanner.

This took me.... about five-six hours to ink properly, I guess? The leaves didn't take as much time as I feared they would, but it was still slow going, considering the architecture in general, and the stairs in particular.


  1. Härlig tuschning! Ett jäkla jobb med löven. Trappan i synnerhet måste också ha varit ett smärre helvete. Väldigt skön etableringsbild, bra att lämna plats för miljön.

  2. Tackar tackar - löven tog mig nog två timmar för hela sidan, tror jag, men det var enkelt egentligen; bara jävligt tidsödande. Men trappan var ett litet helsicke, det är sant.

    Kul att etableringsbilden funkar bra - hälften av serien utspelar sig i just det templet - den andra hälften i skogen precis brevid.

  3. ooh, it's looking so cool! Can't wait to see it all!