Thursday, 17 March 2011

Robots and speedpaints

As part of my "practise stuff I'm kind of weak at"-routine, I decided to draw some space-opera-ish (like science fiction, but with less science and more space-adventure) character designs the other day. It was fun, even though out of the ones I drew, only one really appealed to me - this one robot design.

But then I couldn't make up my mind which colour-scheme I should use (I like both, but one looks more clichéd-scifi-colours, and the other one looks like steampunk-in-SPACE!-woot .... Which now that I think about it sounds drop-dead awesome) - so I made two examples. I might do others in the future.

... All robots should wear stylish scarves. :P

And to finish up; speedpaint-environment dump - each one took between 10-30 minutes. The bedroom-one has a replica of one of my own posters - drawn by the excellent and very nice Kim W Andersson.


  1. Steampunk i rymden låter indeed mycket awesome. Har nog aldrig sett nån riktig berättelse som utspelar sig i det! Det finns en svensk i stockholm tror jag det är som målar starwars-figurerna i steam punk... kolla in!

  2. jag lutar starkt åt steampunk-hållet, faktiskt - hittills har jag bara en vag aning om handlingen, egentligen, så det är kanske för tidigt att ropa hej, men ändå.

    And I see your totally awesome steampunk!Star Wars, and raise you Steampunk Boba Fett-cosplay

  3. Hahah KimW-affischen! <3