Friday, 13 May 2011

Fathoms+random dump

Been drawing Fathoms-stuff lately, to get myself back into the groove before starting the layout-sketches for chapter two. I've got the first three pages or so more or less figured out, but I needed to sort out some details before I get started on the whole thing.

Like the lighthouse Talassa mentions in the first chapter. It shows up in this one, so I needed to know what it looked like. Still haven't figured out the interior yet, but I'll get there.

Dialogue-scrap/brainstorming, as well as main-cast lineup scribble - Talassa, Gale and Khazri (minus his glorious flying whale, of course). Khazri's outfit keeps changing in my scribbles, but I've posted a sort-of final version on dA; the other costume-choices will simply have to go to other Whaleriders. Of which I think there might be a few showing up later.

I've also been watching movies (Kung Fu Panda, Babylon AD, Treasure Planet, etc.,), and scribbled this while watching the first Hellboy-movie. Ron Perlman is the best casting-choice EVER.

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