Monday, 17 October 2011


I've recently read Abarat, and it's two sequels Days of Magic, Nights of War and Absolute Midnight, and got into the fanart-y mood.

First up, the girl from Marapozsa Street, "A woman was studying at an upper window with her hair like a thicket filled with little coloured birds."

Christopher Carrion, Lord of Midnight, whose nightmares escape from his brain and swim around his collar.

Leeman Vol, the Insect Man, whose entire person is home to a multitude of insects. "Sometimes they bit him, in the midst of their terrritorial wars, and often they burrowed into his skin to lay their eggs."

Malingo the Geshrat

Also, two sketched - I need to practise my inking skills; they've fallen into disuse lately.


  1. This book seems to be pretty amazing. Who is the author?

  2. Det är Clive Barker som har skrivit Abarat. :)