Thursday, 19 April 2012

Comics, etc.

Flatland is getting on a bit in pages - all the way up to 10 now, so we're almost halfway! - so I thought I'd post the sketch for the latest page:

As I got further and further into drawing Flatland, my sketches started getting rougher and rougher; this is honestly what I inked on top of - no further sketched details added. I think that the simplicity of the backgrounds and the familiarity of the White Walker made it easier.

Otherwise, I need a pretty solid sketch to ink over, especially when I'm inking non-digitally - as I do with my ongoing fanzine-project, Fathoms of the Sky. In digital media, there's than handy "undo"-button, that my brushpens just don't have. :P

And by solid, I mean this is my storyboard for Fathoms III:

Compared to the ready-to-ink Flatland sketch above, the Fathoms-storyboard is at least twice as detailed - but it kind of needs to be, because it handles more visually complex stuff; more detailed backgrounds, characters with more complicated clothing, etc., etc.

I ink Fathoms mainly with a Pilot Pocket Brush Pen (Soft), with Staedtler pigment liners of varying width for panel-borders and tiny details. The first two parts will be available at the Stockholm International Comic Festival 2012, 28-29th of April, at at UppCon 2012.

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