Friday, 11 May 2012

New studio-space!

Yup, I've got myself a new studio space!

... Which sounds all fancy, but it's really just my brother's old room with a new coat of paint and a nicer floor. >.> But it's a whole room just for me and my paints and my big, space-demanding projects, which feels really nice, I can tell you.

As you can see, I'm still in the process of moving in - the paints are going in the drawers, I'll probably find some way to fill up the righthand bookshelf, etc., - and it's not quite finished yet (we need to paint the door white - but we're probably going to keep the Black & White-poster, because nostalgia, or something), but it's getting there.

It's only the bigger things that are going in the studio - my acrylic paints and canvases and easels, my Sculpy clay, my seriously sidetracked Make Your Own Mahjong Set-project, and so on. I'm still keeping my lighttable - and thus my comic-projects - in my own room, along with my markers and most of my watercolour-stuff (I tend to tape my watercolour pictures up on my lighttable when I paint) - but there's suddenly a whole lot more space in my bookshelves and most importantly, on the desk around my computer. No more accidentally elbowing sculptures off the desk!


  1. Åhh grattis, härligt! Och utrymme för staffli!

    1. Yup! Ett ordentligt staffli, så att man kan måla riktigt STORA saker - nu jäklar ska det bli akrylmålningar!

      Nån gång.

      När jag har tid. >.<