Tuesday, 16 February 2010

ATMoW - Toshiyuki

I've already shown off the "antagonist" (antagonist makes him sound evil, which he isn't he's just opposed to the main POV character) in the previous post - the great tengu of the mountain - so maybe it's time to show off the POV character/protagonist?

Here's Toshiyuki, the shrine-keeper/priest.

I'm not really happy with any of these, face-wise - he comes out looking a bit crooked - but this is the main idea. He's wearing the traditional shinto-priest clothing - aka Heian era courtier clothing (something like this, without the silly hat) - with some unconventional shoes. I've also left some details out - such as the fan/uchiwa shinto priests traditionally carry, but it's enough to get a feel for the character.

Toshi is... cute. He's cheerful. He's happy-go-lucky, endlessly positive, and not afraid to let you know what's on his mind - he gets into trouble with supernatural forces, and he gets scared, but he never really lets it get him down.

The shrine he's the keeper of has a layout like this:

... My handwriting sucks. Aaaanyway. This is the basic idea - I've done some sketches on the architecture of the shrine buildings themselves, but none of them have come out very well - but with this, at least I know the layout for the shrine, so I can draw them when I have to.

And last but not least - one of the yokai (see: definition) that comes and bothers Toshi over the course of the story. This is a nekomata - which is a sort of monstrous version of a cat. Nekomata were once regular cats that were turned into yokai when they got so old that their tails split in two.

Toshiyuki is in there as a size comparison - Toshi is about 168-170-ish centimeters tall, and the imagined ground-to-shoulder height of the nekomata is roughly 1 meter.

... And that's it for this entry, I guess?

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