Monday, 15 February 2010

Breaking and entering

It always feels awkward, posting for the first time in places like this - I got tongue-tied writing my first LJ-entry too. The good thing about this place, though, is that I'll be sticking around here, unlike LJ.

I find I draw a whole lot more than I do interesting things to write journals about. Sure, I write a lot, but not diary-style things.

So yeah. In the future (soon, I promise), I'll be using this place to post sketches and WIPs and scribbles and worldbuilding stuff that I don't want clogging up my DeviantArt account.

For the next few weeks, there will probably be a lot of sketches for my comic project, A Thousand Miles of Wind - architecture, items, characters, page-layouts, etc., etc. Just stuff. There'll be a lot of other stuff as well, but I'm trying to focus on ATMoW, since it's my final project for college.

.... If anyone actually reads this, I guess I'll see you around.

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