Tuesday, 12 April 2011

April 12th - new project in progress

First, fanart of the excellent Mike Mignola's Abe Sapien - not quite the right colours, because I didn't have them.

Markers and some white acrylics.

Aaaaaand (drum-roll please) - my new, somewhat crackpot summer project!

(apologies for blurry photo - my camera is shit at closeups)
I'm making a 144-piece set of mahjong tiles - from scratch! - because I can. This is a picture of the test-tile; I needed to test whether painting it in acrylics would work, whether the scale was good enough, and after I took this picture, I tested the lacquer which I'll be coating them all with. And I have to say that thus far, things are going well, except for a few very minor setbacks.

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