Saturday, 23 April 2011


Stuff. It's happening, I promise.

WIP Acrylic painting, along with the sketch for it.

Random marker sketches.

Shaun Tan is awesome (don't believe me? - Check him out!), and he's ridiculously inspiring, so I sat down the other day and let my pencil run away with me. This is what came out. A girl, who is a crow - and a king, and the beginnings of a very weird picture-book. All I've got thus far is this sketch, and this layout-idea-thing;

... I'm also working on that mahjong-tile-set-project I showed in my last post, but things are going kind of slowly. It's tricky to saw tiny bits of wood straight, so I've got a pile of unusable crooked bits and a lot of experimenting with colour and lacquer going on.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. Crow girl får mig att tänka på Arya i a song of ice and fire. Gillar designen. Barnboksuppslaget ser intressant ut också, det finns inte mycket där men kompositionen såg bra ut i alla fall :P