Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Daily Sketchbook dump June 12-20

Two-pages-daily dump, picking out the best ones. There are ups and downs, obviously.

Some of these are referenced off photographs, some from life (the hands, most noticeably).

Working on the big, digital painting version of this:

Monday, 13 June 2011


Disney's Tangled was awesome. I loved the lantern-scene. Yeah.

Gotland sketchdump, v. 23

Okay, so. Gotland is awesome (and hot as hell) and fun (and hot as hell) and exhausting (and hot as hell).

One of the homework assignments for the Lifedrawing course is two pages daily in our sketchbook, of anything we want. So I've been drawing like crazy for the last week. Here are some of the best ones (as in, the ones that weren't eaten by my scanner).

Some from life, some imaginary, some comic layouts, some cover sketches, etc., etc.