Thursday, 16 August 2012

Long time no see!

Wow, the dust is kind of gathering in the corners here, isn't it?

The explanation isn't "I've stopped drawing" - it's "I've gotten a job, and also a Tumblr".

Been incredibly busy lately, with all sorts of things - among other things, an actual paying job, as mentioned above. This means I haven't really had time to think about updating here. But I thought I'd get my act together and post, because, well - why not?

Let's start things off with Fathoms of the Sky! I've finished lettering issue 3, and I've done the front cover and the title-page - I need to do the back-cover and a short text before I can assemble the PDF and send it off to the printers. I'm so excited it's almost silly - this really is going to be the best issue yet!

The cover of issue 3 - with Khazri taking pride of place!

You can read the first five pages either on Tumblr or on my DeviantArt-account (where you'll find the previews for the previous two issues as well).

I've also started storyboarding/writing the fourth issue, so that once things calm down a bit (say, in November), I'll get cracking on drawing that - I'm hoping to have it finished by April 2013, in time for Stockholm's International Comics Festival. 

But of course, I've also been drawing other stuff.

Like grumpy little girls with claws:

... and comics about grumpy samurais and not-so-grumpy little girls:

From now on, I'll probably be updating my Tumblr far more frequently than this place - though I'm not abandoning this blog. I like to use this place for when I feel like rambling on in text, as well as images.