Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sketchdump, round Nth

My warm-ups from the last couple of days; some sketchy, some more finished. Some in colour, some not.

First round; some Fathoms-stuff:

Superheroes: Firestarter. I need to practise drawing fire, because this looks like crap. Blackbird in uniform, being ninja.... ... and out of uniform, being her plain clothes-self.

 Samurai: Whoah... Perspective and backgrounds and stuff. Far out. Masahiro being picked on by the mean kids.

 Assorted misc.:
A Nopon merchant from Xenoblade Chronicles - which is a neat game, despite the three million sidequests and silly support-meeting-esque battle dialogue. Vesto, being the badass-space-fleet-lieutenant-turned-exo-biologist-nerd that she is. The 1920ies might, not so secretly, be one of my favourite historical periods - mostly for reasons of awesome fashion and art movements. And tommy-guns. And Prohibitions and gangsters.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Comics, etc.

Flatland is getting on a bit in pages - all the way up to 10 now, so we're almost halfway! - so I thought I'd post the sketch for the latest page:

As I got further and further into drawing Flatland, my sketches started getting rougher and rougher; this is honestly what I inked on top of - no further sketched details added. I think that the simplicity of the backgrounds and the familiarity of the White Walker made it easier.

Otherwise, I need a pretty solid sketch to ink over, especially when I'm inking non-digitally - as I do with my ongoing fanzine-project, Fathoms of the Sky. In digital media, there's than handy "undo"-button, that my brushpens just don't have. :P

And by solid, I mean this is my storyboard for Fathoms III:

Compared to the ready-to-ink Flatland sketch above, the Fathoms-storyboard is at least twice as detailed - but it kind of needs to be, because it handles more visually complex stuff; more detailed backgrounds, characters with more complicated clothing, etc., etc.

I ink Fathoms mainly with a Pilot Pocket Brush Pen (Soft), with Staedtler pigment liners of varying width for panel-borders and tiny details. The first two parts will be available at the Stockholm International Comic Festival 2012, 28-29th of April, at at UppCon 2012.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Warm-ups, again

More stuff:

Another character from the same universe as that frowny samurai I posted a couple of entries back. This guy, I mean:

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sketchdump+cool trailer

Bilingual entry, because some neat stuff I found is in Swedish:

Okej - Trailer för Morwhayle 2 av Peter Bergting, som ser ASCOOL ut. Ungefär som om Mike Mignola har sprungit med huvudet först in i Drakar och Demoner. En fristående berättelse finns att läsa i senaste Utopi Magasin, och det är min professionella åsikt att det var JÄTTEBÄST, så hör sen.

Alright, back to regularly scheduled programming:

Loose tengu-concept for a bigger painting I'm working on. I visited the Natural History Museum's bird-taxidermy exhibit the other day, and let's just say I got an itch to draw birds.

Here's the sketch for the WIP-painting:

Mmmm. Cranes and crows and sparrows and Japanese Waxwings...

Friday, 6 April 2012


New roundup of warm-ups and stuff. Some Fathoms, some mobsters, some superheroes and a bit of frowny samurai.

And an environment study/practise/thing to round it all off: