Sunday, 28 August 2011

Daily sketchbook dump August 23-27

Daily sketching is going so-so - mostly because I'm trying to finish storyboarding the second chapter of Fathoms. And also because I am lazy and easily distracted.

And last but not least, a photo-reffed iguana, for a weekly sketch-jam thing on Reddit:

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sketches and link-exchanges

I've just been reminded that this blogging thing isn't just the internet-equivalent of hanging pictures on your mother's refridgerator door, but also a social thing. Thus - I'm going to tell you about some neat people!

Olov Redmalm, teller of ultra-violent space-westerns, and creator of Wayfar, the greatest future-tech-noir comic to ever feature a guy named Ivar.

Linus Remahl, who does really, really neat stuff of all kinds, but who really needs to update his blog more often. Please?

Bockom, creator of the glory that is Bastard Pike and the Lobster Mobster. Perhaps if he's prodded enough, he'll update more. :P

BG, who is silly and doesn't have a sketchblog (this is a hint to get one, BG!), but who really needs to draw more. The world needs more bat-pig-cats.

Daniel Olsén, cartoonist, illustrator, all-around awesome guy.

Alek Kalabakov, who has done more crosshatching than you probably ever will, and then some. What he doesn't know about crosshatching is not worth knowing.

And last but definitely not least, Efraim Ramsén, drinker of coffee, conqueror of deadlines, drawer of zombies, and the one who reminded me I ought to be doing this sort of stuff.

Aaaaand - that's about it for the bragging about cool people I know.

Oh, and before I go - here, have a bonus daily-sketch thing:

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Daily sketchbook dump August 11th-19th

With bonus digital painting practise! From photo-reference I ganked off Google Images.

This is mostly Fathoms stuff, because after a long break (to focus on the Lifedrawing course with Pernilla Persson) I needed to get back in practise before I start working on the next chapter.

Here's how I plan my page-layouts/write my script (both of which tend to happen more or less at the same time):

The rest:

In which I draw animals

Skansen is a really neat place. I needed to practise animals, so it seemed the logical place to go.

First up - odd-toed ungulates (i.e: reindeer, moose, sheep):

Bears and birds:

Moose, squirrel, various birds:

Lemurs, meerkats, lion tamarins, turtle:

Also, my cat:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Daily sketchbook dump August 4th-10th

I got a bit lazy after returning from Gotland for the last time, and skimped on the sketching for a few days. I'm trying to do better now, though.

You ever have a character you just cannot draw properly, even though you know exactly what they look like? Bai Li Tai is that character for me. I just can't get him right. I'll have to practise more.

The lower half of this page are quick sketches of people at a café.

... You know, I didn't notice until I scanned it, but Haunt looks like he's going "So, tell me about your problems," *eyebrow-waggle*.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Daily sketchbook dump July 21-August 1st

I'm stepping down my daily sketchbook-habit to only one page a day instead of two. I've fumbled a little over the last few days (I'm blaming the good books I'm reading - the hours just seem to disappear), but I'm keeping it up. I might substitute the sketchbook with digital sketches some days.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Speedpaint again

10-15 minute speedpaint - of a baku, a dream-eating beast from Japanese mythology. My own version, obviously.